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Who Are We?

Our company has been designing and manufacturing bags for over half a century. Sitting in our design studio, I looked around the room at my fellow, female colleagues and thought, “it’s time for us to design something specifically for us.” A line that would encompass both a female sensibility and a woman's practicality.

We all agreed it was time for us to put our heads and talents together and design something uniquely made for each of the women in the room; a bag that would celebrate an old classic with a design that is timeless, universal, and be mainstay in a woman's everyday life.

Looking around the room, we were young, middle aged, single, married, and newly minted into the hip grandparent set. We were soccer moms, first-time moms, ballet chauffeurs, grocery shoppers, party planners, pool moms, beach goers and all of us, always, women on the run.

We decided we wanted to reinvent the classic and universal utility tote, but this time in a way where style meets function.  Our goal was to make it more appealing to each woman's given taste, make it washable, and make it durable enough to stand up to the most unrelenting abuse.

Starting from sketch pads on one side of the room to computer designs on the other, the women of our company began piecing together the innovation, passion and design sense that we would become Piper Layne.

It is my hope, and that of every woman on our design team, that you come to love Piper Layne, as much as loved building it for you.

Piper Wishes

Melanie Gardner, Director of Sales & Marketing


The Piper Layne Design Team